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Catch Up The Latest Shows Of DJ Jeff Abel AKA ‘Excision’

Canadian DJ Jeff Abel is renowned as the master of bass music. Excision being his stage name, he is also a music producer who has worked for numerous Canadian dub-step artists such as Downlink, Datsik and Dion Timmer (a Dutch producer). Jeff’s music is described best by terms like enlightenment, overload, destruction, brutal filth and morphing.  It is the name of the man itself that presets a terrifying image- ‘a forced and mangled extraction or removal by forcefully cutting’.  However alike that suggested by the name, the sounds aren’t that filthy, unforgiving and brutal.


Excision tour dates
The beginning of Excision’s musical journey

Excision is the founder of the Routtun Recordings. He started his musical journey in the year 2004 but the ups and down he went through landed up with his first official music release in the year 2007. As of the present status, he has another recording company with the label “Destroid Music”. Talking of his first album, it was released with numerous other artists such as Space Laces, Downlink, Fat Too Loud and Bassnectar. However, almost all the tracks are created by Jeff.  It is in the year 2013 that he came up with his single album that was titled “Get Stupid”.  This one was released under the label of his second recording company- Destroid Label.

Events and videos

Proceeding with Excision tour dates, he began his first official musical tour ‘North American X Tour” with Liquid Stranger and Lucky Date. In the year 2013, he revealed a string sound system of around 1, 50,000 watts exclusively for Boomfest Event that took place in Broomfield, Colorado. Excision set out with his next American tour in 2014 with Ill Gates and Dirtyohonics. It is in this very tour that he featured “Executioner”, a new3 video by him and has also bought another 1, 50,000 watt new sound system for that tour.

Use of highest power sound system

Not just for dubstep production but it is also his ability to come up with new music using the breakbeats, drum and bass that gained him fame. As of now, Excision is one of the most renowned and influential personality amidst the dubstep community of North America. To be more precise, it is his usage of highest power sound system that made him famous.  Excision’s shows which are all about his twisting and morphing music are the favorites of the people North America. His utmost aggressive dubstep side is pictured in “Showdown”, his album released in the year 2009.

Show timings and passes for Excision’s concerts

Excision tour datesExcision’s music is one of a kind and the rising debate concerning his musical compositions is another unavoidable factor that helped him to rise.  Not just in North America but Jeff’s fan following also extended to Canada. His famous release “Shamnbhala mix” came in the year 2008, 2009, 2010. Right now he is busy with some of his upcoming musical projects, some of which are expected to be released at the end of this year.  If you are one of his fan and willing to catch up some LIVE, keep a track of Excision tour dates and get the show passes at the earliest to avoid the last minute rush.