Ramadan and Fasting

Ramadan is a month of blessings and it’s been prepared by believers before its arrival. Fasting in Ramadan is an obligatory worship for all Muslims.  This blessed month can be made more exciting by choosing Umrah Packages including flights. The two holiest cities also known as the centre of Islamic civilization have another attraction in this month. Muslims from all over the world travel to get the blessings of Allah.

Performing Umrah in this month brings more blessings. While you are fasting and enter in the state of Ihram, you will feel a certain sense of purity. In this month you will see more generous and friendly people around you.  People do more charity in the month of Ramadan. Many poor are fed, needy gets their needs fulfilled and it helps Muslims increasing their faith.  Umrah in the month of Ramadan makes it more exciting when you are the guest of Allah. People who seek forgiveness from Allah in this month are forgiven. It is our real test where there is no devil distracting us but the demons who reside in our self keeps deviating us from the real path, our self-control is what matters at that time.  This whole month teaches to practice patience and self-control and when people perform Umrah along, it also teach you the life fundamentals. There is when you learn to understand the needs of other and the fact of being resource of someone’s happiness.

Other than the multiplication of reward, performing Umrah in this month is like performing it with Prophet (PBUH). People who are not capable of performing Hajj because of their health commitments can perform Umrah in Ramadan choosing Umrah Packages including flights. It is not same like Hajj but you can get rewards of it according to Hajj.

Road to Makkah is ready to organize tours for Ramadan, or after it, you just have to choose your Umrah Packages including flights and you will feel convenient while taking your spiritual journey with us.

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